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Is there any way that Closure/Static could be factored into a separate package?


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      Perhaps this is too much to hope for, but it would be ideal for packages such as meta-par, HDpH and distributed-process to be able to share basic RPC functionality (Closure/Static).

      With meta-par we copied and hacked a version of the original Cloud Haskell ("Remote") Closure. The ugly bit was that it had hard-coded recognition of the IO and ProcessM monads, and we had to tweak that to include monad-par's "Par" monad.

      I don't understand the current Closure implementation, but it looks like it may be the case that CP.hs (the part that deals with Process values) is pretty well isolated from the rest. Does that mean that everything but CP.hs could become its own package?

      It looks like TH.hs also deals with Process presently. TH.hs would either need to be replicated in all consumers of the hypothetical factored library, or it would need to become more extensible. When we were using the Closure mechanism in monad-par/meta-par this was the sticking point – we didn't see a way to do it without adding extra arguments to the compile-time TH functions (e.g. remotable), which would be very ugly.

      Any good ideas here?




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